Concierge Brand Management

Brand Management is the umbrella term for everything related about how your product or service is portrayed. The traditional route of producing a consistent design, logo, slogan, and packaging are becoming increasingly harder to deliver, patrol and enforce among the dizzying number of marketing pathways. Much of today’s marketing material focuses on the branding successes of a company like Apple. We like real world data. Apple owns control of their devices, operating system, and has an enormous budget. They are big enough to deliver and enforce a consistent brand in all forms of media. The focus on mega company tactics or traditional techniques is a business school crutch that often keep companies in a limited and myopic marketing strategy.

Most companies that become our clients already have some sort of Branding components in place:

  • a publicist
  • a photographer
  • a web designer
  • a graphic designer
  • a programmer
  • a writer
  • an SEO person
  • etc..

Entangle Media uses the term “Concierge Branding” because we can take control, supplement, and/or integrate with your existing marketing plan strategy. However, we find that many clients are not thinking about their Brand in a comprehensive virtual sense.

Your Brand is the Sum of your Domain Name, Product or Service, and Individual Names of anyone associated with your product. Often your clients may only know one of the three parts to the brand. How each of these three components of Brand are represented online will determine your Brand image. The scary part is that you are increasingly less able to control your brand, which is why you need to be more prepared.

Domain Name Branding

Companies often have a completely different domain name than their actual company name. Most of your clients know your business name from the real world name, and often type that name when searching for you on the web. If your domain name needs to have as more visibility than your real world business name and your media company should be discussing strategies to increase your Domain Name Brand.

Product or Service Branding

Your Product or Service Branding is the area that most companies at least understand the basics. The conversation about refreshing a logo, company message, or site design, is in everyone’s comfort zone. How to keep the look and message of the product and service consistent between print, social media, websites, blogs, video, mobile devices, and search engines, becomes a little more confusing. Entangle Media has plans for every stage of development.

Personnel Branding

Individual Employee Names and Consumers of your products or services have an impact on your overall company Brand. Often, simple personal posts or online conversations about your product have cascading online benefits. Once something is public in the virtual world, it is often there forever. A simple search online for an old friend can lead to a post of someone affiliated with or using your product.

Marketing Pathways are inter-connected and could lead to huge volumes of increased business if done correctly, and could also just as quickly go in a negative direction. Brand Management over negative online perceptions are covered in our Reputation Management section.

You can no longer completely control your brand by information that you are putting out. Your employees, consumers of your product/service, competitors, and the search engines all have their own virtual interpretation of your brand. Let us help Entangle your Media Branding across many mediums.

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