Designing with “White Space”

In my design adventures, I have often run into designers that don’t understand "white space". The concept was drilled into my head ever since my first design class in college. "White Space" is the empty areas around different text, graphics, assets or edges of the finished piece. For example. When you design a website the […]

Audio Leads to Better Videos

For years now I have been watching youtube interview videos and online video content to be disappointed time after time with great video footage with terrible audio. People don’t only watch with their eyes. Audio is just as important as the video being captured. Consider a taping of an interview. The video is at 4K […]

How To Perfect Your Social Media Rant!

Social media is a forum where people communicate, talk about news, and rant their opinions on their pages. Some people rant, some people don’t. Some people are more opinionated than others. Social media rants are usually just purged into a status update because the user is emotional at that moment about a certain subject. It […]