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Social Media is the one aspect of online media that companies do not do enough of, but there is a reason. If you are doing an incredible job at maintaining your social media presence, the your work productivity is probably going to go way down. If you have a lot of free time, a celebrity, or have a big marketing budget, then you probably do not have a meaningful social media presence. Meaningful is whether or not your customers are engaged, and not just the number of friends/fans/follower. You can buy fake followers to your social media platform very cheaply. It takes involvement to truly be part of a social network and most businesses do not have the time. The businesses that do take the time get the rewards.

Social Media itself is always expanding. Do you stay with Facebook, Pinterest, or move to the next platform people are using? Do you want clients to have too much access to you, and is it opening the door to Reputation Management problems?

The reasons to be involved in social media are: to have other outlets to reach new customers, help with Branding, and the search engines often display social media pages in their results.

Entangle Media will help guide you on the best platforms to be involved in and how to be engaged. We make sure the branding look and feel is consistent among all of the social media platforms that you are using. We help contribute to the content and give guidance on how to engage your customer base. Entangle Media can discuss your social media needs and help you grow your social network. If you like this story, please give us some love by liking our Facebook or twitter @entangle_media.

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