Optimize Local Results

The search engines are focusing more and more on improving their local results. Most business only deliver products and services to a certain geographic area. We often review websites that get a lot of traffic, but they do not convert to business. If you do business locally and people find your site from other locations, it will not convert to business. There is a difference between web traffic and meaningful web traffic.

Entangle Media designs websites that properly reflect your geographic location, and make sure that it is consistent with all of your online properties.

Local Results mean that the traffic that is visiting your website is primarily from people that are using or could be customers of your product/service.

Being properly displayed on Google Maps is also essential to local traffic visiting your site. Google has had several platforms for you to submit information such as Google Places, Google Plus, Google Plus for Business, Google Business, and the comment sections on Google Maps. Issues happen as Google transitions to their preferred platform.

Change in business names, employee changes, branding changes can all affect how your business appears in the natural search results and the map results. Entangle Media will do an audit of your online presence, and implement a strategy to Optimize Local Results.

Could You Benefit From More Local Exposure?

Managing your local presence can be a full-time effort, but it doesn’t have to be when you hire us to increase your local exposure.

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