Website Maintenance

With websites, you can’t just “set it and forget it”. You need a webmaster to manage updates. Let us manage your website.

The days of billboard type websites have long passed. Companies will create the billboard type website so at least they have some online presence for their current clients. However, don’t expect to gain new clients. In fact, we would argue the term “websites” should really be “web signals”. Search engines are looking at the overall amount of internet buzz to determine rankings placement. You’re posting new blogs, but is there a social media presence, are people chatting about you, are they linking to your site, are they filling out reviews? The total sum of web signals gives the search engines an idea of what your website is about and how popular it is. Websites and online strategies need to be dynamic and living virtual entities.

The deeper your online strategy, the harder it is to maintain. You want to concentrate on your physical business, but the online involvement can siphon away large portions of time. Entangle Media’s Monthly Website Maintenance can range from purely taking care of the ongoing technical issues such as security, software updates, bugs, email issues to reputation management, content creation and blog writing, AdWords campaigns, social media management and outsourced partners.

The Entangle Media Monthly Maintenance is an active comprehensive strategy to supplement your current situation. Because we immerse ourselves in our clients’ campaigns, we cannot take on every client. In fact, a large portion of clients come to us because they have been paying companies that have not been doing anything. While we like the profit of that model, it is not good business when you have an actual company built upon integrity. We can review your needs and guide you to what you should be doing whether or not we can partner in business.

Is Your Website Properly Maintained?

Let our team of webmasters manage the demands of your website.

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