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Deal My Brand is a powerful content distribution and social media management platform. From the ground up, Deal My Brand was designed and developed to be easy to use for web professionals and total computer novices. We strongly believe that each business owner is the expert in their field, and our goal is to empower each expert/business […]

Entangle Media does Custom App Development. Application Development, or “apps”, are custom features developed for your website, computer, or mobile device. The term app is most recognized for mobile phone applications where consumers go to the manufacturer’s app store. The phone applications are typically referred to as “stand alone apps” or “native apps”.

Stand Alone apps are specifically made for the device or phone that you are using and can operate without the web. They are more expensive to develop as they need to be custom made for the particular device and operating system. The user experience is generally higher because the design and functionality is custom to the device.

Web-based apps can look and feel like a stand-alone app but need access to the internet to be fully functional. Web-based apps can be quicker to deploy, less expensive, and offer increased functionality. The issues with web-based apps are the need for internet connection and cross platform viewing issues.

As you may have read in our Web Design or WordPress hosting sections, Entangle Meda is not shy about promoting our expertise in WordPress Development. Much of our custom app development is done inside WordPress themes and plugins.

If you start a sentence, “It would be cool if…”, Entangle Media will be ready to build whatever comes at the end of that sentence.

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