SEO Consulting

We spend a lot of time taking calls from SEO professionals all over the world for questions about rankings, penalties, strategies, reputation management, SEO, negative SEO, and other various search engine optimization questions. Because of our expertise we often get asked to do on-site or off-site audits. We enjoy helping give guidance, and have not charged for advice even though many have urged that they would pay. We have also benefited from the sharing of information. The portion of time that these calls have been taking is cutting into personal time because we tend to just work longer to compensate for the time. Entangle Media has put together a few reasonable consulting packages to help.

  • SEO Consultation
  • $100 / hour
  • One Hour Consultation / Analysis
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  • Penalty Audit
  • $500 / hour
  • Complete Google Penalty Audit
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  • Penalty Submissions
  • $200 / hour
  • Complete Google Penalty Submissions
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One Hour Consulting Package

Consists of running reports on your site and up to 30 minutes of conversation discussing your issues. This is a great place to start. Often, solutions are quick fixes once the problem is identified. Don’t waste all day trying to figure it out. Don’t spend a lot of money with generic reports. Buy the One Hour Package and we will get you on the right track…or, at least off the wrong track. You are paying us for our professional opinion and to be frank.

Google Penalty Audit

If you are in a penalty there, you have probably had fairly concentrated effort at trying to game the search results for traffic. The default is to blame the rogue SEO guy or previous marketing group. We don’t care about the blame game because damage is done. Evaluating on-site and off-site issues and making appropriate suggestions takes some time. We use many sets of reports evaluate. How to interpret the reports and what to do next can be tricky. This is a working day of collaboration and analysis on your site.

Google Penalty Submissions

If you have already submitted request to get out of the penalty without success, you probably just wasted time and money with link audit reports. We can submit your penalty reviews with the understanding that we will help get you out of the penalty. Being out of a penalty does not mean your ranking will come back. It will take a lot of time and effort to bring your rankings back.

Need More Than One Hour?

If your website is in a deep Google penalty or you just want to pick our brains, then let us know, and we can offer you more time at a discounted rate.

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