3D Animation

Posterior Lumbar Fusion

This video was created to help with patient education, and how the Posterior Lumbar Fusion is performed.

Whether it’s educating patients on medical procedures, legal demonstratives, or promotional materials, nothing provides a clearer image than 3D animation. Using the latest industry-standard Autodesk and Adobe software we can create animation that tells your story to your audience without any limits.

With over fifteen years of experience, our artists have created hundreds of animations for clients as diverse as large multi-national corporations to individuals with a start-up idea. Product demos, architectural previsualization, commercials, or even visual effects can be created by our talented team.

Attorneys who need to tell their clients’ story to a jury can count on Entangle Media to deliver court-ready demonstratives that make their case clear and understandable. We have produced animations for cases involving medical procedures, motor vehicle, aviation, and industrial accidents, product liability and toxic tort. If full animation is not necessary we can also provide 3D illustrations for either digital display or traditional printed media. Medical animations are fully HIPAA compliant and can be overseen for accuracy by an experienced surgeon.

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