Custom Website Development

We understand that one size does not fit all. No matter the unique requirements of your project, we can custom develop it.

Everybody loves templates. They look good and are inexpensive. We all have spam boxes filled with luring offers that seem too good to be true. Once you start using the templates, the limitations quickly become apparent.

Entangle Media uses WordPress for the majority of our clients’ websites because it is easy to find existing themes and plugins that get close to the look and functionality that they want. Plugins supplement the websites to give extra functionality. Entangle Media and our clients do not want to pay for development time if there is something already out there the does the job and is a good price value.

Almost every project we take on needs some customization. It could be CSS issues with the theme and the design does not display properly. The plugins may do not do everything that the client needs. We are very comfortable making the custom adjustments to get the designs and functionality working the way our clients want.

Our ability to customize really becomes important if a theme or plugin is not supported well. We become the support.

We also do full custom website development. It may be creating a new theme from scratch, an entirely new plugin, or new functionality for the theme. An example is our new custom calendar, our event tracking software, social media management software, client management software, and much more. We’ve created custom web-based and even native cell phone apps.

Custom Website Development can help separate your online presence from your competitors. If you think you need it for your website or your customers need it, then Entangle Media will make sure that you have it.

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