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Entangle Media did not start out as a web company for the medical industry. We just thought we could build a website and media strategy better than anyone else. We’ve spent years of trying to improve on our previous designs as well as competitors. We were open to take on any project. Doctors and medical professionals have a larger spectrum of needs that cannot be fulfilled by standard web templates and outsource services. Below are some of the reasons that that medical professionals, doctors, and physician groups are contacting us.

  1. Privacy Concerns – Communication between patients and clients need to be secure and HIPAA compliant.
  2. Content Creation – What goes on the site is not easy to write. It has to be credible, clinically accurate, informative and easy to read. Our writers have scientific and medical backgrounds that create copyrighted content for medical websites and blogs.
  3. Security – Most web companies have a local or U.S. front-person, but the fulfillment is done outside of the United States. Our medical clients like to know who is managing their content and passwords.
  4. Reputation Management – Negative Online reviews can be devastating for your brand and traffic to the practice. Medical professionals see high volumes of patients, and many have unrealistic expectations of their outcomes. Regardless of whether the reviews are warranted or even real does not matter. Once they are online, patients and consumers read those reviews, and base their decisions on those reviews.
  5. Time – Doctors are typically overbooked for their time both professionally and personally. Taking more time to focus on all of the components of website and media branding can be overwhelming. We are assertive and proactive on implementing the marketing strategies.
  6. Social Media – Choosing the right social media network is important. Many doctors or practices decide to not participate which is a big mistake. Participating in the wrong way is also a mistake. How to be involved is why we get hired.
  7. Local Search Results – Yellow pages are primarily trash can fillers. Your patients expect all of your information to be available quickly and accurately while searching in Google. They will use search engines to schedule their appointments, find your phone number, look up your address, check for hours, and look for directions. Make sure it is available and correct.
  8. Adwords – Online Ads can be a frustratingly expensive way to waste money. A web company needs to have thorough knowledge on ads that produce results.
  9. Cross Group Integration – Doctors are branded by their individual names, their practice name, and Hospital affiliations. The need to be independent and aligned creates several marketing challenges. Often they are competing against each other for the same patients.
  10. Patient Portal Integration – A website design often includes integration with several secure portals: insurance, patient, billing, network, etc… Entangle Media creates custom templates so that the look and feel of the portals is consistent with the website design. Less than 1 percent of companies create truly custom designs for the health portals but keeping design and navigation is very important.
  11. Personal Information – Doctors need to be known for branding purposes, but do not want patients to have direct access to their personal lives. Keeping a separation of work life, name brand, and personal life name brand needs to have a strategy.
  12. Ongoing Management – Websites and software need updating, social media needs attention, search engines need constant unique content to be relevant, and any changes a real practice needs to be reflected online. This takes an ongoing effort.
  13. Doing More for Less – Overhead continues to increase; Insurance continues to decrease the payouts. It is an easy formula that threatens today’s private practice. Your patients are moving to online mediums, and your marketing needs to follow.
  14. E Commerce – Some practices may want to sell goods or services directly through their site, and need an e commerce platform.

Everyone offers web media services or “has a guy”, but trusting your online marketing is a serious endeavor, and not to be taken lightly. Take your time to research a company, and then contact Entangle Media to discuss your needs. Doctor’s orders.

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